Forward Focused Logistics unique set of asset-based transportation solutions provides you with options that can be integrated and customized to best address your needs. We do this safely, effectively, and efficiently. Our extensive experience with dedicated trucking and brokerage allows us to engineer best-in-class transportation solutions that fuel success and drive results for the shippers we service. Our transportation management capabilities creates for you a single point of contact which allows you to focus on what you do best.



With a combined 15 years of experience providing world-class service to our customers on the transportation  side, a need to provide a one-stop shop for a “true customer service logistic solution” was introduced. By adding this expectation to an already customer-service-oriented brokerage, we have been able to maintain high levels of service and satisfaction with our customers. At Forward Focused Logistics, we treat you like royalty and cater to your specific needs.

Forward Focused Logistics offers a full range of truckload services across the United States. Our dedication to providing nothing but the best possible shipping options is what makes the difference for our customers. Businesses count on Forward Focused Logistics to continually maximize production and warehousing efficiencies through the reliable and punctual pick-up and delivery of their freight. As a boutique brokerage, it’s our responsiveness and relationships that set our premium-level services apart from our competition.


If your shipment does not require a full trailer, Forward Focused Logistics can provide a cost-effective solution for your unique requirements. Our LTL service can handle all of your loads no matter what the region.

Forward Focused Logistics has built strong alliances with partner carriers all across the United States, giving customers a wide range of LTL shipping options. With our LTL service, we are able to offer different solutions based on your needs. We have partner carriers who operate in a traditional hub and spoke model; offering cost-effective, reliable service at competitive transit times and pricing. 

Value-added services are also available if you or your customers require appointment deliveries, tailgates, straight trucks, or short notice pick-ups or deliveries. 


Forward Focused Logistics offers a wide selection of refrigerated transportation solutions. We recognize that a high level of attention should be given when you select a refrigerated carrier to ship your products, especially if they are temperature-sensitive. With Forward Focused Logistics as your temperature-controlled supply chain partner, your retail customers will always have stocked shelves and your consumers will enjoy your products the way you intended them to.

We are experts at shipping refrigerated and frozen freight. You can depend on Forward Focused Logistics for your refrigerated and frozen load requirements. We have become a well-known and respected transporter of refrigerated and frozen freight. Our diversified network of carriers can meet any unique requirements.

Dry Van

Our dry van carriers at Forward Focused Logistics are unmatched in their reliability and scope of service. Our wide network of dry van carriers gives you access to many different equipment types in virtually any location throughout the United States. Each dry van carrier must meet our safety and insurance standards and are monitored daily by a compliance team.

Our account managers use an array of logistics tools to find the least expensive and most efficient way to move your dry van shipments. Our system is also flexible enough to adjust to any changes in your shipment.

Forward Focused Logistics customers are partnered with a single, dedicated specialized customer success agent to ensure accurate and timely delivery. You and the agent will have access to track  your dry van shipment using our freight transportation technology.


Van trailers are the most common freight shipping option that allows for safe, secure, and economical transportation of dry goods, nonperishables, and various types of equipment. From a top freight trucking Nationwide, a van truck from Forward Focused Logistics gives you all these benefits and more for your hauling needs. Generally, if your product does not require temperature control or other special considerations, van trailers make the most cost-effective choice.

Forward Focused Logistics is your optimal source for van trailer shipping and management. We take all possible precautions to ensure the safety of your cargo from initial pickup to timely delivery.

Same Day / Expedited Delivery

At Forward Focused Logistics, your Expedited shipping needs are given top priority, allowing it to be delivered faster. For many shipping service providers, this just means offering faster than normal shipping. 

We offer a valuable recourse for companies in critical situations. If your standard deliveries have fallen through or you have to make a shipment on an unusually tight schedule, you need an expedited carrier to provide same-day, overnight, or next-day shipments. Carriers who lack experience shipping your specific goods or working with your industry likely do not have the resources to ensure your goods arrive intact. Relying on such a service thus puts you at enormous risk.

Having worked with manufacturers, construction companies, food processing firms, and a wide array of other enterprises, Ultimate Expedite is uniquely positioned to provide expedited freight. We invest in the compiling of a network of carriers with storage equipment, vehicles, and drivers to handle even the most unique and challenging goods. No matter your field, you can count on us to have the expertise necessary to deliver your goods in a safe and timely manner.


Forward Focused Logistics has teamed up with partner carriers to provide competitive pricing and outstanding service to customers across the United States. Our dedicated transportation experts, with many years of experience, will provide you with a customized approach to fulfilling your shipping needs. We are able to directly match your freight and scheduling requirements with the best solution for what is needed and at a very reasonable price.

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Forward Focused Logistics specializes in FTL, LTL, Dry Van, Van, & Same Day logistical solutions spanning the country. Forward Focused Logistics services are tailored for US. We are proud to be a leading transportation solution based in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in providing same-day and expedited delivery service.

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